The brave new world of nutraceuticals

Relax gentleman, size doesn’t matter after all. Not when we’re talking about garden herbs it doesn’t, anyway. Indeed during these interminable winter months, what the punters wants is not something big, bulky and hard to swallow but something [...]

Chilli out

The first time I ever had a chilli was when I was 18 years old and working as a door-to-door salesman in Italy. In those days I could pretty much only afford one meal a day (which speaks volumes for my sales technique) but decided to chance [...]

Xmas dinner

With a week to go before Christmas most people have finally solved the riddle of where to actually spend it, although not without offending those family members who were spurned in their attempts to be hosts and are now feeling like Prince [...]

An object of Desiree

It was with great pride that this Saturday afternoon my son Alex harvested his first potato crop. The story started some months earlier when I explained to my two-year-old how when a potato is placed in the ground at the right time of year a [...]

The great chip race

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, golden in colour and chunky. We were agreed that these were the quintessential components of the great British chip. But which potato to use? This was the brain-teasing quandary put to me [...]

Restaurant review: from A&E to E&O

Considering my previous visit a week earlier had resulted in a night in Accident and Emergency, I hardly expected to be singing the praises of E&O, the salubrious Notting Hill eatery. However, after being invited back by apologetic [...]

Be wary of Wareing

I don’t know whether anyone caught the Saturday Kitchen on BBC One at the weekend but chef Marcus Wareing made an appearance to plug the opening of his new restaurant ‘Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley Hotel’, which opens on 15 [...]

Restaurant review: High Road Brasserie, Chiswick

In the current economic climate it may well be time to tighten the purse strings, batten down the hatches and cut down on the eating out. But try telling that to your better half on a gloomy Sunday night when you’ve been off playing golf [...]


As the wettest summer in living memory drizzles its way into autumn under a dark cloud of rising inflation, plummeting house prices, imminent recession and the distant rumble of gunfire from across the Caucuses, there are probably [...]