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April 2017 – Fruit and Vegetables Market Report

Wild Garlic - leaves with flowers

Spring has finally sprung, and as you can see from the photo, wild garlic is taking centre stage. Our forager has been hard at work harvesting this beautiful local crop, so rest assured you are getting it as fresh as can be. They can be eaten raw or wilted like spinach, and they make a great pesto alternative. They will be around until June but are at their best now when the leaves are young. He will also be supplying us with sea beet and sea purslane.
The first of the English asparagus has started, it’s a bit expensive at the moment, but we expect the price to be more affordable after Easter. We mainly source it from Norfolk and will have green, purple and white varieties this year. Also available are the first jersey royal mids, but once again quite pricey to start with but prices will ease next month.
Cauliflowers are great value at the moment and should remain so for a while, courgettes and even yellow courgettes are also down in price.  Spring greenspurple sprouting broccoli and English watercress are coming through great now too. Fresh nettles have also started.
We have fresh peas and broad beans and beautiful stem baby artichokes from Italy and Spain. Kohlrabi and all types of radishes, breakfast and heritage equally nice at the moment.
All salads have started to fall in price, and as the weather gets warmer, the quality should improve too. Try adding baby kale to your salad mix. This superfood comes in ready to go bags and has many reported health benefits.
Unfortunately, the price of avocados is set to rise again, a victim of its own success.  Expect prices to remain high until at least May.
There is also upward pressure on all citrus fruits especially limesBlood oranges are bucking this trend so should be enjoyed before the season ends.
Fruit wise, peaches and nectarines should be avoided. Plums are a great option, though.
Strawberries are still good value from Spain, English and Dutch have started, and we will be switching to these soon. All other berries are reasonable priced. Melons are also great, Piel de Sapo, the pick of the bunch. There are also some beautiful South African black figs available. On the apple front: braeburns are the best bet; unfortunately, our comice pears are now finished, conference the next best thing.                                                                                On the dry goods front, we have butter beanscannellini beansborlotti beansred kidney beanschick peas and lentils. All in small tins. Cous cous is available in 1kg bags as well as a wild rice mix and various types of quinoa. On top of the pesto and sun blushed tomatoes we now have roasted peppersaubergines and courgettes in oil too.  We also have all kinds of eggs available: free range chicken eggs, duck eggs and quails eggs.
 Don’t forget Easter coming up and that we are closed bank holiday Monday!

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