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January 2018 – Fruit and Vegetables Market Report

halved blood orange an top of blood oranges

Happy New Year Everybody!
Just before Christmas, we had the first arrival of our favourite blood oranges. The season is now in full swing with the darker varieties coming through. Grab these while you can, they should be available until the end of March.
Equally, as impressive and available for a short period is Yorkshire forced rhubarb, beautifully soft and pink a real seasonal delight. It’s only around for a couple of months so don’t miss out.
As well as the sanguinello oranges mentioned above, Seville oranges will be in stock for a few weeks if you fancy making some marmalade. Sticking with the citrusleafy Italian clementines are the best bet for easy peelers. Lemons and limes seem to be easing in price.
Prices, in general, have started to fall now across many lines. As long as we don’t get any major weather shocks/frosts etc we expect prices to remain steady throughout January. This includes all the main lines from Spain: auberginescourgettescucumberstomatoes and peppersPotato prices too seem quite stable for the time of year.
On the veg side of things, Jerusalem artichokes are nice and big now, celeriackohlrabileeksparsnips and turnips are at their best. Cauliflowers of all colours are in splendid nick, romanesco too. Broccolipurple sprouting and cima di rape (turnip tops) all great. As usual, at this time of year, French large leaf spinach is a little expensive – kale both green and red are great alternatives. Cabbages are a must, cavalo nerosavoyhispi and the appropriately named January king being the best of the lot.
On the salad front – red and white chicory are fantastic choices as are all of the radicchios my favourites being pink raddichio and the beautiful castel franco. Pre-packed in 500g packets we have roquettebull’s bloodred chard and the underused baby kale – ready to go with no prepping!English braeburns are still the pick of the applespears are more difficult – comice have now finished – Spanish strawberries are surprisingly tasty and good value – apricotspeachesnectarines and golden kiwi pretty good too. Micro cresses are as popular as ever. Edible flowers especially seem to be appearing everywhere even in my drinks!
Just a reminder of all the dry goods we sell too, which include all types of tinned and dry beansnutsriceolive oilvinegarsauceseggsdairycooking wine and even blue kitchen rolls!

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