As someone who loves to eat good food and drink fine wine, it hardly took me an age to decide whether or not I’d like to be paid for doing so when the opportunity arose recently. Most of my career in journalism has been devoted to writing about football., The Times, The Sportsman, The Guardian, The Daily Express and have all published my efforts over the last ten years, but I have also flirted with food writing and braved the wrath of London chefs with the occasional restaurant review.

Having been brought up with Italian cooking, eating well – and in vast quantities – has always been a priority of mine. I have lived and worked in both France and Italy, so a bottle of claret also never too far out of reach. I gave up eating meat over 15 years ago but only very recently went the full nine yards to give up fish as well, so when Eurofrutta chief Dan Fulgoni asked that I write a blog for a fruit and veg supplier I thought it might help my cause.

As well as opening my own eyes tothe mysterious world of edamame beans, kumquats and jersey royals, hopefully, writing for this website will help inform others about the variety of excellent, seasonal and organic foods that are out there to tickle the taste buds. Being a natural pessimist I’m not expecting my vegetarianism to last until Christmas but the idea of my blog is not to launch a tiresome veggie crusade but to get food-lovers out there together to share their opinions on everything from their favourite wine to how to poach an egg; from restaurant reviews to hangover cures.