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All things Fruit and Vegetable, All produce great and small, All things ripe and seasonal, Eurofrutta has them all!
We source and supply an ever-increasing range of products. We are passionate that the produce we sell is always of the highest quality. If there is something you require that is not displayed just get in contact with us and we will do our utmost to get it for you.
tenderstem broccoli (vegetables category)
Peaches in basket, stone fruit
Stone Fruit
Mixed heritage tomatoes (salads category)
mixed salad leaves
Salad Leaves
golden bunched beetroot (root vegetables category)
Root Vegetables
abundance of potatoes (potato category)
Variation of mushrooms on wooden background (mushrooms category)
purple figs (fruit category)
Dragon fruit on dragon fruit halves
Halves of oranges on a bed of oranges (citrus fruit category)
summer berries on wooden surface, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries
mixed baby carrots (category baby vegetables)
Baby Vegetables
cube blocks with letters "A to Z"
A to Z
Different types of dairy products, cheese, milk, eggs
Dairy and Eggs
Assorted dried fruits in bags, dates, apricots, prunes
Dried Fruit
Mixed rice in burlap bags, brown, yellow, white (dry stores categories)
Dry Stores
Close up of Edible Violet Flowers
Edible Flowers
Close-up of rolls of smoked salmon on grey slate
Fish and Meat
Natural background of many fresh organic green peas. Frozen green peas.
Frozen Produce
Fresh herbs on wooden background, sage, basil, mint, rosemary, lavender
glass of fresh carrot juice and some fresh vegetables
Close up of purple micro cress
Micro Cress
Stinging nettles (Urtica dioica) in the garden. Green leaves with serrated margin. Top view. Close-up.
Specialty Leaves
Spices on wooden spoons
Jars of jam on a shelf
Tins and Preserves
Plastic green bottles close up with water
Water and Soft Drinks
Cucamelon fruit, also known as Mexican gherkins, Mexican sour cucumbers, or Melothria Scabra on a burlap sack background.
Baby Fruit
Several rustic loaves of bread warmly lit on a wood background.
Various types of cheese
Shattered homemade chocolate with cocoa powder
Chocolate and Sweets
Bottles with various types of oil and vinegar on white background
Cooking Ingredients
Close-up macro photo of walnuts as brown background
Sliced leeks, prepared produce
Prepared Produce
Frozen Fruit Puree (coulis), strawberry on a fork
Fruit Coulis
!00% organic produce banner on green
Organic Produce