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Food Hygiene Rating 5
Fruit and vegetable suppliers, supplying fruit and veg to London, New Covent Garden Market, UK.

Prepared produce

Prepared produce

Apple Prepared Grated
Apple Prepared Sliced Bramley
Apples Braeburn Peeled & Cored
Apples Braeburn Prep Chopped
Apples Bramley Peeled & Cored
Apples Bramley Prep Chopped
Apples Granny Smith Peel & Chopped
Apples Granny Smith Peeled & C
Artichokes Jerusalem Prep Peel
Artichokes Prep Bottoms
Asparagus Prepared Trimmed
Aubergine Prep Diced
Aubergine Sliced Grilled
Aubergines Roasted
Banana Prepared Peeled
Banana Prepared Sliced
Beans Broad Prep Shelled
Beetroot Peeled Candy
Beetroot Peeled Golden
Beetroot Prep Diced
Beetroot Prep Golden Turned
Beetroot Prepared Grated
Broccoli Prepared Florets
Brussels Sprouts Extra Prepare
Cabbage & Carrot Prep Mix
Cabbage Green Prep Sliced
Cabbage Prepared Savoy Sliced
Cabbage Red Prep Sliced
Cabbage White Prep Sliced
Carrot & Swede Prepared Baton
Carrots Prep Baton
Carrots Prep Baton Hand Cut
Carrots Prep Brunoise 2mm
Carrots Prep Diced
Carrots Prep Diced 5mm
Carrots Prep Diced HAND CUT 5m
Carrots Prep Grated
Carrots Prep Julienne
Carrots Prep Matchsticks
Carrots Prep Shoestring
Carrots Prep Sliced
Carrots Prep Turned
Carrots Prep Whole Peeled
Carrots Prepared Baton 5 inch
Carrots Prepared Olivette
Carrots Prepared Turned 10g
Carrots Prepared Turned 3g
Carrots Prepared Turned 40g
Carrots Prepared Turned 5g
Casava Prep Chips
Cauliflower Prepared Florets
Celeriac Peeled & Quartered
Celeriac Prep Diced
Celeriac Prep Diced HAND CUT
Celeriac Prep Matchsticks
Celeriac Prep Turned
Celeriac Prep Turned 5g
Celeriac Prepared Brunoise 2mm
Celeriac Prepared Grated
Celeriac Prepared Peeled
Celeriac Prepared Shoestring
Celery Prep Baton
Celery Prep Brunoise
Celery Prep Diced
Chestnuts Prepared Peeled
Chilli Prep Diced
Chilli Prep Sliced
Chips Prep Fat Cut
Chips Prep Julienne Cut
Chips Prep Match Sticks
Coconuts Prepared Peeled
Coleslaw Mix
Courgettes Grilled
Courgettes Prep Baton
Courgettes Prep Diced
Courgettes Prep Shoestring
Courgettes Prepared Julienne
Courgettes Prepared Sliced
Courgettes Prepared Turned 3g
Courgettes Prepared Turned 5g
Courgettes Roasted
Cucumber Prep Baton
Cucumbers Prepared Sliced
Cucumbers Prepared Turned 3g
Fennel Prepared Sliced
Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad Exotic
Ginger Prep Peeled
Kiwi Segments
Leeks Prep Brunoise 2mm
Leeks Prep Diced
Leeks Prep Julienne
Leeks Prep Matchsticks
Leeks Prep Sliced
Lemon Prepared Segments
Lemon Zest
Lime Segments
Lychee Prepared Peeled and Pit
Mange Tout Prepared
Mango Prep Diced
Mango Prep Peeled
Marrow Prepared Peeled
Melon Galia Prep Diced
Melon Honeydew Prep Diced
Melon Prepared SLICED
Melon Water Prep Diced
Minestroni Prepared Mix
Mixed Segments
Mixed Vegetables Prep Diced
Mixed Vegetables Prepared Juli
Mulei Prepared Olivette
Mushrooms Prep 1/4 cut
Mushrooms Prepared Sliced
Onion Red Prep Diced
Onion Red Prep Sliced
Onions Peeled
Onions Peeled Button
Onions Prep Brunoise
Onions Prep Diced
Onions Prep Sliced
Onions Red Prep Diced 5mm
Onions Red Prep Peeled
Onions Red Prep Rings
Onions Spring Prep Sliced
Orange Segments
Orange Segments Fine
Parsnip Prep Baton
Parsnips Prep Grated
Parsnips Prep Julienne
Parsnips Prep Olivette
Parsnips Prep Peeled
Parsnips Prep Pyramids
Parsnips Prep Sliced
Parsnips Prepared 1/4 Cut
Parsnips Prepared Baton 5 inch
Parsnips Prepared Turned 25g
Parsnips Prepared Turned 40g
Paw Paw Prep Diced
Pears Comice Diced
Pears Conference Diced
Pears Conference Sliced
Pears Peeled & Cored Comice
Pears Peeled & Cored Conferenc
Peas Fresh Prep
Peppers Green Prep Brunoise 2m
Peppers Grilled
Peppers Prep Diced GREEN
Peppers Prep Diced RED
Peppers Prep Diced YELLOW
Peppers Prep Julienne RED
Peppers Prep Julienne YELLOW
Peppers Prep Sliced
Peppers Red Prep Brunoise 2mm
Peppers Roasted
Peppers Yellow Prep Brunoise 2
Pineapple Prep Diced
Pink Grapefruit Segments
Pomegranate Peeled
Potaoes Prepared Diced LOVERS
Potatoe Prep Mids HAND Peeled
Potatoes CYPRUS 10mm Chips
Potatoes Mids Prep Peeled
Potatoes New Diced
Potatoes New Peeled & Halved
Potatoes New Prep Turned 3g
Potatoes New Prep Turned 5g
Potatoes Peeled Cyprus
Potatoes Peeled Maris Piper
Potatoes Prep 12mm Chips
Potatoes Prep 14mm Chips
Potatoes Prep 18mm Chips
Potatoes Prep 25mm Chips

Potatoes Prep 6.5mm Chips
Potatoes Prep Chateux
Potatoes Prep Cocotte
Potatoes Prep Cocotte 15g
Potatoes Prep Cut Roast
Potatoes Prep Diced
Potatoes Prep Diced MARIS PIPE
Potatoes Prep Fondant
Potatoes Prep King Edwards Pee
Potatoes Prep Maris Piper Parm
Potatoes Prep Noisette
Potatoes Prep Olivette
Potatoes Prep Parisienne
Potatoes Prep Parmentier
Potatoes Prep Peeled
Potatoes Prep Peeled (in water
Potatoes Prep Peeled Chippies
Potatoes Prep Peeled Jackets
Potatoes Prep Ratte Peeled
Potatoes Prep Red Peeled
Potatoes Prep Rumbled Chippies
Potatoes Prep Rumbled McDonald
Potatoes Prep Sliced
Potatoes Prep Straight Cut Chi
Potatoes Prep Sweet 14mm Chips
Potatoes Prep Sweet Fat Chip
Potatoes Prep Sweet Peeled
Potatoes Prep Sweet Shoestring
Potatoes Prep Turned
Potatoes Prep Turned 20g
Potatoes Prep Washed Jersey Ro
Potatoes Prepared Brunoise 2mm
Potatoes Prepared Chateux 25g
Potatoes Prepared Chateux 50g
Potatoes Prepared Chateux 70g
Potatoes Prepared Game Chips
Potatoes Prepared Grated
Potatoes Prepared Hand Cut Wed
Potatoes Prepared New Olivette
Potatoes Prepared Rumbled SWEE
Potatoes Prepared Sweet Diced
Potatoes Prepared Sweet Turned
Potatoes Rumbled Lovers
Potatoes Sweet Prep Fondant
Potetoes SWEET Prep Baton
Pumpkin Prep Diced
Pumpkin Prep Parmentier
Pumpkin Prep Peeled
Roasted Red Peppers TIN
Runner Beans Prep Sliced
Salsify Peeled
Shallots Banana Prep Brunoise
Shallots Banana Prep Peeled
Shallots Banana Prep Sliced
Shallots Round Prep Peeled
Spinach Prep Picked
Spring Green Prepared Shredded
Squash Butternut Prep Diced
Squash Butternut Prep Peeled
Stir Fry Mix
Sugar Snaps Prepared
Swede Prep 1/4 cut
Swede Prep Diced
Swede Prep Grated
Swede Prep Olivette
Swede Prep Peeled
Swede Prep Turned
Swede Prepared Baton
Swede Prepared Baton 5 inch
Swede Prepared Brunoise 2mm
Swede Prepared Diced HAND CUT
SWEDE Prepared Turned 3g
Swede Prepared Turned 40g
SWEDE Prepared Turned 5g
Tomatoes Prep Sliced
Turnips Prep Diced
Turnips Prep Olivette
Turnips Prep Peeled
Turnips Prep Sliced
Turnips Prep Turned
Turnips Prepared Turned 3g
Turnips Prepared Turned 5g
Veg Prepared Ratatouille Mix
Vegetables Prepared Mirepoix


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Fruit and vegetable suppliers. Fresh, Frozen and organic fruit and veg Delivery. Eurofrutta is a greengrocer located in New Covent Garden Market in London, UK. We are best placed to service the requirements of customers in London. Catering trade, restaurants, pubs - please ask for wholesale pricelist