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Fruit for your office

Does eating at your work canteen remind you of school dinners? Was the fruit on offer in the ‘healthy section’ probably still for sale in the 1970s? Are you fed up with succumbing to chocolate or Starbucks cravings every afternoon because there are no more nutritional alternatives at the office? If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes’ then you’re in luck because Eurofrutta now delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to offices throughout London. 


All you have to do is email us your details and we will get back to you. Most of the offices we deal with set up a standing order of fruit daily at a fixed price for the whole year or alternatively you can choose your fruit requirements on a daily basis. Don’t forget we also sell dairy products so if you fancy a yoghurt why not order it from us.

At Eurofrutta we’ve been sourcing and delivering the finest fruit to restaurants and cafés throughout London for the last 40 years, so we can guarantee produce of the highest quality delivered exactly wherever and whenever you want it.

Passion fruit on white background

School Supplies

  • Eurofrutta now delivers to a wide network of schools and education centres in London and the South-East. If you would like to order healthy fruit and vegetables for your school click here.

For further details on becoming a Eurofrutta customer, please contact us on

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"Child holding apple in classroom. Focus primarily on apple, also on fingers of child's left hand."

healthy diet

Schools have also been set new government standards which restrict foods high in fat, sugar and salt. It is a requirement that more fresh fruit and veg be available at dinner-time along with more protein-packed meat and fish, bread and water.