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Deliveries during London Olympics 2012

Dear Customer
As you are no doubt aware, London will be hosting the worlds largest sporting event in 2012 – The Olympic and Paralympic games. This takes place from 27th July – 9th September. London will be very busy and it will look and feel very different with live sites and festivals taking place all over the city. Staging the games is the largest logistical exercise that any country can undertake.
There will be 25 Olympic/Paralympics venues in and around London with 8.8 million tickets sold to watch the events, as well as free giant screens to view in places like Hyde Park, where up to an additional 50,000 people could watch. There will be extra traffic restrictions on many roads in London especially the O.R.N (Olympic Road Network). Which will have a severe impact on deliveries and servicing to many hotels, restaurants and catering establishments.
To make it possible to deliver we have been told that we will have to:

  • Deliver to customers between midnight and 6 am
  • Have all orders in by 9 pm

We at Eurofrutta aim to provide the very best of service throughout this very busy time, helping your business run smoothly and successfully. We have already been active with local councils in trialling quiet night time deliveries within Central London. This is a code of practice that provides generic best practice in minimising noise from delivery activity throughout the night. While we are being active in looking to provide you with the best of service, we will need to know from yourselves what plans you have in place for changes to your delivery patterns.(i.e. will you be taking deliveries in earlier or staying open later to accept deliveries or providing us with keys to premises).
Michael (07980 741 635) will be your point of contact to discuss your delivery and servicing arrangements during the Olympics.
Yours sincerely,
Eurofrutta Ltd.

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