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Reason for inflation in potato prices

closeup of potatoes

Potato prices have increased heavily in the past few weeks.
The reason for, this is when the old season came to an end prices were already high due to availability, which is normal for this time of year.
As new crops were starting to be lifted growers found that all crops were showing a 20 – 30% loss in yields, this meant that the farm costs had to increase to make up for the loss of crop.
But also a knock on effect was that major supermarkets are offering big money on the farms to ensure their supply. 
With a reduction of yields from the crops, packers and suppliers are starting to seek supplies from abroad.
The bad news is that the potato prices and will still continue to rise as the season continues. They will stay like this until July 2013.
These huge losses in crop yields are purely down to the weather. Planting commenced in March with good weather but the was followed by up to 14 weeks of constant high levels of rain which caused the crops to die off early hence giving poor yields in the ground.
Sadly this, cannot be helped and will be with us all season.

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