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Courgettes Crisis!

stack of green and yellow courgettes on a market stall

It hasn’t been the best of starts to 2017 in the fruit and veg world.
I’m sure your aware as it has been heavily reported on TV and in the newspapers, bad weather in Europe (Spain and Italy mainly) have caused shortages in many products that we get from there at this time of year.
I have never known prices at the levels they are currently and unfortunately it looks set to continue for a while yet. It’s mainly affecting salads, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and yes COURGETTES.
While we are doing our best to search alternative areas for these products, it is proving difficult, and our main focus is keeping the quality high.
The best advice we can give at the moment is to plan your menus carefully. There is plenty of produce available out there that hasn’t been affected so much.

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