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Artichoke Globe
Artichoke Jerusalem
Artichoke Jerusalem Large ITA
Artichoke Spiky Single
Asparagus 250g ENGLISH
Asparagus 454g
Asparagus Italian 250g
Asparagus Jumbo 250g ENGLISH
Asparagus Jumbo 454g
Asparagus Purple 250g ENGLISH
Asparagus Spanish 250g
Asparagus White 454g
Asparagus White Loose
Asparagush 454g ENGLISH
Aubergines Japanese
Aubergines Round ITALIAN
Aubergines Stripy
Aubergines White
Beans Bobby
Beans Borlotti
Beans Broad
Beans Cannelini
Beans Cannelini 500g
Beans Cannellini Dried
Beans Coco
Beans Flat
Beans Green Extra Fine
Beans Green Extra Fine T and T
Beans Green Fine
Beans Green Fine T and T
Beans Runner
Beans Runner 200g
Beans Yellow Fine
Bok Choi
Broccoli Golden
Broccoli Purple Sprouting
Broccoli Tenderstem
Broccoli White Sprouting
Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts BUTTON
Brussels Sprouts Cleaned
Brussels Sprouts Purple
Brussels Sprouts Stalks
Brussels Tops

Cabbage Black 250g
Cabbage Black Loose
Cabbage Chinese
Cabbage Green
Cabbage January King
Cabbage Pointed (Hispi)
Cabbage Red
Cabbage Savoy
Cabbage Turkish
Cabbage White
Cauliflower Green
Cauliflower Mix Colour Tripack
Cauliflower Orange
Cauliflower Purple
Cauliflower Romanesco Green
Chillies Green
Chillies Habanero
Chillies Indian
Chillies Jalapeno Black Bullet
Chillies Jalapeno Green
Chillies Jalapeno Red
Chillies Mixed
Chillies Red
Chillies Scotch Bonnet
Chillies Serrano
Chillies Thai Green
Chillies Thai Red
Chillies Yellow
Collard greens
Corn On The Cob Cooked x2
Corn On The Cob Loose
Corn On the Cob Prepacked x2
Courgette Genovese
Courgette Tromboncino
Courgettes Green
Courgettes Round Green
Courgettes Round Yellow
Courgettes White
Courgettes Yellow
Gherkins Fresh
Kale Curly
Kale Red
Mange Tout

Pak Choi
Peas Fresh
Pumpkin Baby
Pumpkin Blue
Pumpkin Delica
Pumpkin in Box
Pumpkin Large Loose
Spinach Bunched
Spinach French
Spring Greens
Squash Acorn
Squash Blue Ballet
Squash Bon Bon
Squash Buffy Ball
Squash Butternut
Squash Casperita
Squash Celebration
Squash Confection
Squash Cream of The Crop
Squash Crown Prince
Squash Delicata
Squash Garbo
Squash Gem
Squash Gold Nugget
Squash Kabocha
Squash Kabocha Orange
Squash Kamo Kamo
Squash Lakota
Squash Lyric
Squash Mix MIni
Squash Mixed
Squash Munchkin
Squash Onion
Squash Onion French
Squash Red Turban Mini
Squash Spaghetti
Squash Sweet Dumpling
Squash Sweet Lightening
Squash Table Gold
Squash Turks Turban
Squash Wee Be Little
Suash Lil Orange Mon
Sugar Snaps
Turnip Tops (Cime di Rapa)