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May Market Report

This month is all about english asparagus, after a bad start quality is now good with superb flavour. Enjoy them while they last!

For those not willing to pay the price there are also some really good italian spears around. Jersey royals are also all very popular but very expensive and we have secured supplies of cornish new potatoes which are cheaper and in our opinion even tastier!!! We would also like to mention courgette flowerswild garlic and baby artichokes that are all available at the moment and help to spruce up the old menus.

On the salad front italian wild roquette is fantastic, crisp and peppery. Fresh peas and broad beans are looking fantastic at the moment and globe arthichokes are just beginning to come into season. Courgettes and aubergines are a good cheap veg at the moment.

On the fruit side strawberries and cherries are improving whilst our peaches and nectarines from egypt are a real find for this time of year, juicy and sweet. We also have some red blushed pears from south africa that whilst expensive are out there on there own for flavour.

To be avoided this month are savoy cabbagepurple sprouting and most root veg which are at a seasonal end. Broccoli is looking a bit pricey and main crop potatoes are also a bit of a problem. Expect prices to rise!

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